Tumbuna SingSing: Anticipated trip in 2022

12 Nights • Scheduled to be escorted by Greg Stathakis

This is an excursion for those who don’t usually take group “tours”, but would like to have a genuine travel experience with a caring Papua New Guinea expert.
Your trip includes an escort from P.N.G., as well as one from overseas, both whom will enhance your trip with information about culture, artifacts, anthropology, and best photo opportunities. The trip also includes not only the Tumbuna Show, a cultural festival, with sensory overload for even the most experienced traveler, but also an optional post trip extension for the Sydney Vivid Festival.

Do you prefer an itinerary other than the offered Tumbuna Show?
Call or email for more information on a trip which best meets your needs. You’ll appreciate our care and expertise in providing you with excellent service for Papua New Guinea itineraries any time of year

• WED : Transfer included from hotel to Brisbane airport for flight to Port Moresby where you’ll sense this is to be a very different travel experience. Time permitting, enjoy an overview of the highlights of the nation’s capital. Learn about what makes Papua New Guinea such an unusual travel destination as you dine and have drinks with our friend(s) who have lived in this country for decades. (D) Airways Hotel.

• THURS : The flight to Mt. Hagen takes us to where “outsiders” entered only in 1930’s, yet, we have modern comforts while learning much about Highlands culture. The Mt. Hagen open air market bursts with colorful activity, a sensory overload of sights and sounds, a photographer’s paradise.  Learn about the fascinating juxtaposition of a frontier town amidst a strong, traditional culture. Lodge at Rondon Ridge.  (B,L,D)

• FRI, SAT, SUN : Charter transfer from Mt. Hagen to Amboin. Visit villages to learn how the Sepik River area differs from P.N.G. Highlands culture. Photographic opportunities and insights about river culture abound. This is the area Papua New Guinea is justly famous for, with a wide array of arts and crafts, and a life style little changed by modern times. Our insights will enhance your understanding of these villages “at the end of the world.” Three nights based from the all inclusive, air-conditioned “Sepik Spirit.” (BLD).

• MON, TUES, WED : Charter flight to Lake Murray, one of the most remote areas of P.N.G. Only since the lodge opened a few years ago have the tribespeople seen tourists. Via walks and boat rides there’ll be authentic interaction with the local people. Learn how life is lived traditionally, about their customs, and daily life. See a “sing-sing,” and enjoy villagers sharing their unscripted stories. All meals, transfers and excursions are included at Lake Murray Lodge (B,L,D).

• THUR : Charter flight to Mt. Hagen and an excursion to an area of cultural interest. Join the walk through a few colorful stores downtown. The anticipation builds for what has been called one of the 12 travel wonders of the world. Though there are other shows in P.N.G. to excite the senses, the Tumbuna Show is a perhaps the most traditional, with easy access for close ups at this “wow” experience. Rondon Ridge Hotel. (BLD)

• FRI: An exciting day at the Tumbuna Sing Sing Festival. This thrilling medley of Pow Wow and dance competition exhausts your energy and camera batteries. See how carefully the feather headdresses are prepared; watch as tribes gather and don their body adornments. The sights and sounds excite even the most jaded travelers. To know more what makes our Show excursions successful, inquire about references from previous trips. Rondon Ridge. (BLD)

• SAT : Flight from Mt. Hagen to Port Moresby. A local expert on the arts and crafts will guide us by the National Museum, Parliament, the Nature Gardens, and other places often bypassed by other visitors. There’s a lot more to see in Port Moresby(safely) than is acknowledged.  All meals at Airways Hotel.

• SUN: Hopefully you will join those who since 1980 say this travel experience is one of the most memorable in a lifetime of journeys. Transfer to the airport for international connections to either Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney, or other destinations. (B)

LAND PACKAGE PRICE: $9,200.00 per person (twin share) all inclusive of meals, as shown, accommodation, transfers, touring and gratuities.  Should there be fewer than ten fellow travelers, a $300 per person supplement applies. 

Additional cost for flights and charters within Papua New Guinea: $3,050.00.

Please consult with us before purchasing international tickets into and out of Port Moresby.

EXCITING POST-TRIP, OPTIONAL EXTENSION: As added value and bonus, join others from our group for fun and exploration in Sydney, Australia, which I know fairly well from decades of travel there. I’ll be in Sydney prior to our trip. Pro bono I’ll share favorite excursions and rituals with clients around Sydney, visiting places and people with a P. N. G. background, to places of architectural interest, and to a favorite few reasonably priced ethnic and seafood restaurants. One can stay at any hotel one desires in Sidney, though I can advise on good options, which clients have enjoyed in the past. The only cost involves one’s cab or ferry fare, the meals, your accommodations; this is an added opportunity for those on our trip.  Almost everyone in recent years has chosen and enjoyed this pre-trip enhancement.

Personalized Papua New Guinea travel experiences is what we specialize in. Behind the scene insights, interactions with Papua New Guineans and attentiveness to your needs before, during and after the trip are rarely found in the travel business. Value added benefits of booking with New Guinea Travel:

• Substantive information regarding all aspects of your itinerary, with insights about the culture, ways to save money on flights, airline upgrades, dining options, and photography.

• Assistance in selecting, buying and shipping artifacts from Papua New Guinea.

• The comfort of having your P.N.G. questions and concerns answered promptly before, during and after your trip, usually within a few minutes or hours.

• An archive of information from over 40 years for your special interests about birds, books, artifacts, anthropology, and documentaries.

• Old fashioned, attentive service to maximize your comfort, safety and enjoyment of P.N.G.

• Enjoy a more carefree trip as all gratuities are included.

• Full days of adventure, with special guest speakers, people to people interaction in remote villages, and unscripted, impromptu events.

• You will learn about quirky, controversial aspects of P.N.G. and Australia.

• Benefit from our relationships with Papua New Guineans, their schools, their parents and grandparents from over 40 years travel there.

• New Guinea Travel booking is the mantel for philanthropy. All net proceeds go to non-profits or charitable causes.

• Although we do not sell international air or travel insurance, our decades of experience can save you money and help ensure peace of mind.

• Having an international escort can provide invaluable help and make a big difference in your trip.

• We are forthright about stating our trip is not for worriers, complainers, divas, or the litigious. Travel with likeminded people who often become future travel companions.

Feel free to contact Greg at: 800 811 4621 or e-mail: mgreg@aol.com

INTERNATIONAL AIR TO AND FROM PAPUA NEW GUINEA IS ADDITIONAL: Use frequent flyer miles or purchase air tickets through the airline or agent of your choice. Airlines and air travel consolidators can advise on pre and post trips in the South Pacific, trip/cancellation insurance, and can save you money and hassle in your travel plans. Please, please honor your investment in a PNG excursion by obtaining trip/cancellation insurance and by having a minimum of two or three nights in Australia, New Zealand or Singapore on a stopover to recover from jet lag.

RESERVATIONS: Space is limited to 15 clients and prompt reservations are strongly advised. A $1,000 per person deposit by check payable to New Guinea Travel and a signed booking form are required before reservations are confirmed. Final payment must be received no later than February 1, 2022 for the Tumbuna Show itinerary. Payment is by check only; sorry that credit card payments are not available. Booking form is available at: http://www.pngtravel.com/PDF/Booking.pdf

CHANGES, MODIFICATIONS AND CANCELLATIONS: Space is limited to 15 clients and prompt reservations are strongly advised. A $1,000 per person deposit payable to New Guinea Travel and a signed booking form are required before reservations are confirmed. Final payment must be received no later than February 1, 2020. Credit card payments are unavailable, as payment is by check only.

INSURANCE:  It is very strongly recommended clients purchase an all-inclusive travel insurance for luggage, medical expenses, and trip cancellation. This will help ensure a more carefree vacation, as unexpected and last minute cancellations are surprisingly frequent. In recent years there have been many more unexpected cancellations. No deviations from the cancellation policies are allowed. See: http://www.insuremytrip.com

PASSPORT & VISA INFORMATION:  Clients must have a passport valid through their return date to the U.S. In addition to a P.N.G. visa, an Australian visa is also required. Detailed pre-trip information will be sent with receipt of trip deposit.

HEALTH INFORMATION:  No vaccinations are currently required, but anti-malarial medication is highly recommended. Advice must come from your doctor only. Clients with diet, allergy, sight, hearing, weight and other health factors must make written note of that with their reservation. Many clients over 70, even 80, have enjoyed this trip, but all over 70 must have doctor’s certification they are fit to travel to such a destination. We regret special meal requests cannot be guaranteed.