Travel rates, service, schedules, and conditions change frequently in P.N.G., so it is important to rely on an agency that is in frequent contact with Papua New Guinea. Often times, we’ll know of domestic or international flight or fare changes before they ‘officially’ appear in the computer. Also, standards of arrangements change with the various hotels, villages, and operators in New Guinea, and we know what’s going on with tourism in Papua New Guinea. Concerned about earthquakes, malaria, or crime in P.N.G.? We can reassure you with information and itineraries that best serve your needs. Need a map? Want to know about a special video or book? No travel outlet can offer our expertise with knowledge of the anthropology or artifacts of P.N.G. We also have reference information only available from years of experience with P.N.G. tourism. Even hotels in P.N.G. have trusted us to recruit and hire employees. PNGTravel.com will be attentive to your South Pacific travel needs and your local travel agent will be glad not to have to try to piece the nuts and bolts of a P.N.G. trip. After your return, we can also assist you in important follow-up. Can other travel outlets offer you the above?

“Do I Have To Buy The International Air Tickets To Australia & Papua New Guinea From You ?”

We can provide helpful information for airlines and routes which best serve your needs. We do not sell airline tickets.

“What About Travel To Irian Jaya?”

We no longer arrange it. Irian is more primitive, less colorful. There are definite obstacles to including both Irian and P.N.G. on your trip, as flights between the two are infrequent and arrangements in Irian have substantially less reliability. It is strongly suggested Indonesia be done on a separate trip and including Irian Jaya then.

“I’m a Very Experienced Traveler – Have Driven Through Africa & Trudged Through the Amazon, Can’t I Just Land in New Guinea & Make My Own Arrangements?”

Sometimes you can, but good luck. One of our agents was a “sophisticated traveler” who had been everywhere when he first landed in Papua New Guinea, with a minimum of pre arranged packages. The trip was a swamp of costly delays and horrible frustrations . Often it’s no bargain to “do it on your own.” P.N.G. is comparatively new to tourism with one foot in the Stone Age and the other in the Jet Age; that’s part of its appeal. Less than 3% of the economy is based upon tourism. Even confirmed air and hotel bookings of independent travelers can be lost or dishonored, erroneous, or changed in rate or date. Communication can be slow or nonexistent. Your precious time and pocketbook deserve a good vacation, don’t they? Do you want to be a solo traveler when faced with a hassle or do you want the clout of a tour operator to help ensure your arrangements are as smooth as possible? Remember, sometimes even the most expensive, organized trips to New Guinea run into snags under the best of conditions.

“Are You Sure It’s Worth Traveling to P.N.G, If It’s Such a Hassle?”

Definitely. Hundreds of clients have traveled through P.N.G. using our expertise and they invariably state it’s one of the most exciting trips ever. Many wish to and do return!

“What Are Your Credentials & References? How Do I Know I’m Dealing With a Reputable Travel Operator?”

We have happy clients from all over U.S. who will provide references for our services. Feel free to ask for names of clients who have traveled with us.

“What About the Annual Highlands Show in Goroka and/or Mt. Hagen?”

We have space allotted for the Highlands Show, held annually and called one of the world’s great spectacles in travel. We can ensure you best arrangements at the best available hotels, as part of blocked space we hold. These trips have special added events and our knowledgeable escorts are known for being gracious and making everyone feel comfortable. Ask to be put on the special mailing list, and don’t miss it if you can. We have years of expertise with marketing and escorting Highlands Show trips.

“Is Assistance Available in Finding the Most Cost Efficient International Flights and Pre or Post Trip Options?”

Absolutely. We have decades of expertise in this area and can offer you special airfares, personalized service and choices based upon your interests. Ask us as early as possible while the lowest prices are still available.
Just contact us, and we’ll book your arrangements with only a $1000.00 deposit per booking, payable to TRANSNIUGINI TOURS. Note our address: TransNiugini Tours, POB 371, Mt. Hagen, Papua New Guinea.

Phone 800 676-1241; Fax 805 569-7669. E-mail: mgreg@aol.com

“The Crime Situation in New Guinea Has Received Some Notoriety Lately Can You Explain More on this Topic?”

In nearly twenty years of familiarity with P.N.G. tourism, only a few of our clients have been affected by crime. Since 1980 when we first offered Highlands Show trips, our clients have experienced two purse snatchings and two other losses of items in a crowd, and one robbery. In several instances the clients did not heed advice. P.N.G. tourists are seldom physically harmed in thievery. Those who choose a packaged excursion from a reliable tour operator considerably lessen their vulnerability to crime. The U.S. Embassy in Port Moresby has provided the following information:

  1. There have been scattered incidents involving tourists in P.N.G.
  2. The tourist industry is cooperating fully and certain areas are off limits.
  3. Independent travel is not recommended to out of the way places.
  4. Tourists should book through reliable, well established agents.

The US State Department has a website: http://www.travel.sate.gov.newguinea.html, which we believe is incendiary for group travel. Feel free to request our updates on travel to P.N.G.

“Packaged Excursions in P.N.G. Are Rather Expensive-Aren’t Less Expensive Options Available?”

Many of the supplies for the tourist infrastructure must be flown in from great distances and lodges must recruit from the U.S.A. and Australia to manage these remote facilities. Accommodation, food, and services are generally more expensive than they would be in the U.S. Most hotels are used primarily by the busy commercial sector or underutilized. Gold and oil are the most valuable exports. P.N.G. is very rich in natural resources.
Contact us if you find a less expensive excursion; we’ll explain or match the difference. Use caution should a less expensive tour package be available. The complications of P.N.G. tourism are greater than one may envision. You want to deal with a tour operator who maintains a staff in various cities of P.N.G. and who monitors operations to ensure arrangements go as smoothly as possible in an operationally difficult country. P.N.G. is not for the fainthearted. P.N.G. is not a bargain destination, but invariably clients say it’s worth every Kina.

Important Final Notes:

Information on P.N.G. is admittedly difficult to find; accurate information even more so. Much as we would like to assist, this is not an office of tourism. With our frequent first hand familiarity with tourism in P.N.G., we believe this packet will be helpful in answering your questions on this destination. The enclosed is the extent of information provided until you contact us and are under deposit. Cancellation, baggage, and medical insurance are strongly advised for a more carefree holiday.
Often in slick travel promotions, certain promises are made and seldom delivered – “the last word in luxury,” or “enter a truly unspoiled world.” Instead of hype and glossy images, we provide the expertise and services required for all facets of your P.N.G. itinerary – from your first phone call to after your arrival home. When you are contemplating a major travel expenditure, such as a once-in-a-lifetime trip to P.N.G., doesn’t it make sense to work with someone who has first-hand knowledge and decades of experience? PNGTRAVEL.COM is the largest selling retailer of Papua New Guinea excursions, with happy clients from all over the U.S. Visit New Guinea before it changes. Contact us soon.

Booking Conditions:

Specifics regarding reservation deposit, cancellation, refund, and modification/extension conditions are listed. Please carefully familiarize yourself with all conditions of this brochure, as well as the booking form, and the conditions stated below. Trans Niugini Tours is not itself a carrier or hotelier, nor do we own aircraft or hotels. The flights, vehicle journeys, and other travel and accommodations are provided by carriers, hoteliers, and suppliers on their own conditions and we act as agents for the clients with respect to the tour arrangements. It is important to note therefore that all bookings with us are subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability by airlines, vehicle operators, hotels, and other service providers, some of which limit or exclude liability in respect to death, personal injury, delay, and loss or damage to baggage. This contract will be governed by and subject to the booking conditions on this page and information provided in the notice to clients. No variation of the booking conditions shall be of any effect unless made in writing and with our authority. We cannot accept any liability of whatever nature for the acts, omissions, or default, whether negligent or other of those airlines, vehicle operators, shipping companies, hotels, or other persons providing services over whom we have no direct and exclusive control. We do not accept liability in contract or in tort (actionable wrong) for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses, floods, severe weather, acts of God, government, or any other authorities, accidents to or failure of machinery or equipment. Unforeseen conditions may necessitate tour changes and the right is reserved to make such changes or withdraw the tour, as we deem advisable. The refund of unused land tour services, if recoverable, is the limit of our responsibility and liability.

Release and Assumption of Risk:

Clients must be aware that during the excursion certain risks and dangers may occur, including, but not limited to the hazards of traveling into isolated regions of Papua New Guinea, walking/hiking/trekking through the jungle, open lands or mountain terrain, Scuba diving or snorkeling, river rafting or traveling in boats or canoes on rivers and the ocean, that accidents and illness may occur in remote places without medical facilities or that the forces of nature and transportation modes may cause inconveniences, delays, and/or cancellations. Trans Niugini and those involved in operating these excursions, while taking every care with participants’ property shall not be liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience in the handling thereof. In consideration of, and as part of full payment for participation in these travel programs the participant assumes all of the above risks and will hold Trans Niugini Tours harmless from any action, causes of action, debts, claims and demands of every kind which they now have or which may arise in connection with the travel arrangements. The terms hereof shall serve as a release and assumption of risk from the client’s heirs, executors and administrators and for all members of the client’s family.

Air Transportation:

If for any reason the scheduled flights or airfares are changed, the increase in the airfares will be collected and any decrease will be refunded. The airline tickets issued shall constitute the sole contract between these airlines and the client. Any changes, delays of international flights into and out of the country are the responsibility of the airline and passenger.


Each itinerary includes charges for research, itinerary preparation, planning, and currency transfer, booking procedures, pertinent overheads and the services of the local operators. In each case, the quoted price represents a complete package for the services offered and an itemization of individual component costs will not be rendered under any circumstances. Should you find a lower cost for a P.N.G. itinerary, please let us know.
Information Needed for Booking:
Last name:
First name(s)
Home Telephone:
Work Telephone:
Passport Number(s)
Place and date of issue:
Date of birth:
Name you prefer to be called by:
Medications being taken presently:
Special medication or physical constraints:
Person to contact in case of emergency:
Work Phone:
Home Phone:

Signed Booking Must Be Completed With $1,000 Per Person Deposit. Please Read Carefully the Terms of the Brochure, As Well As the Notes Below.

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Be prepared for an exciting adventure, beyond any expectations that a day-by-day itinerary may provide. The country is a land of superlatives and the itinerary prepared is specially designed with villages, events, and flights for the best possible P.N.G. itinerary.
The weather is in the mid-60 or 70’s in the Highlands, with cooler nights that require a light sweater. Bring some warm clothing, as the elevation in the Highlands can be over 6,000 feet. Evenings you will enjoy sitting around the bar area, terrace, or fireplace. In the Karawari-Sepik Area, it will be about 10° – 15° warmer, not as hot as you might expect. Please note, however, clients are limited to 25 pounds on the charter flights, including cameras and all other personal gear. Baggage can be stored and forwarded to and from Port Moresby, but forwarding entails additional expense and risks. Excess baggage is entirely at the clients’ risk and responsibility, and may not be allowed on certain domestic flights.
The flight to or from the Karawari/Sepik area is a thrill, as well as the days there amidst the jungle and river areas. Days will be warm; evenings are in the 70’s. Mosquitoes are not usually a major nuisance. Though one may wish to bask amidst the hilltop view and authenticity of Karawari, the Sepik area is what Papua New Guinea is famous for, and the Sepik Spirit is the preferred transport in the rivers of P.N.G. It provides comfortable twin or double beds (not bunks) and is a base for an exploration of the Sepik and Blackwater River basin. At Karawari and in the Sepik, the days are filled with cultural excursions to villages. Though the Sepik gets much of the publicity, it is in the Highlands that a vibrant culture is most alive, particularly in the Tari area. Opened in December, 1985, Ambua Lodge provides superb comfort and environment in the midst of this fascinating region, known for the Huli Wigmen, birds of paradise, and surrounding panoramas of grasslands heading to alpine forest and mountains. Nearby villages and easy nature walks allow for a rare opportunity to encounter peoples and a countryside still unspoiled by outsiders. Observe how spirits and sorcery are being grafted to modern ways. It’s like experiencing Bali or Hawaii eighty years ago – see PNG with authentic interaction with tribes people and expert guides before text messaging, Mc Donald’s, and Victoria Secret arrive in country.
As for safety, the closest to cannibalism one is likely to encounter is a tough tourist “chewing out” a local for slow service or for not further lowering the price of an artifact. Overall, the vehicles and accommodations will be clean and in good working order. There may be some mud or dust, so please leave all good clothing at home, as at times everyone will be a little grubby. Towelettes and patience will also come in handy. The hotels are best available and surprisingly offer many amenities one would not expect so far from “civilization”. Occasionally there is a crime problem in the country; though mostly localized to the residents of Port Moresby and the Highlands, occasionally a tourist is affected by purse-snatchings, etc. As the trip is informal, there is no need for good clothing and jewelry in Papua New Guinea; they should be left at home or stored in Port Moresby. It would be a pity to see one’s Manolo Blahnik shoes mired in the Highland’s mud, or one’s specially tailored blouse or shirt lost or stained by a hotel laundry. Best bet is to bring simple, cool, long-sleeved apparel and long pants for warmth in the Highlands and for protection from mosquitoes in the river areas
Tourism in P.N.G., as we abbreviate it, is less formal and less sophisticated than in most other countries. The organizers of this excursion take pride in their operations in this new tourist destination. Operations are carefully monitored and every effort is made to operate all tours in accordance with the itinerary shown. Occasionally, weather, changes in airline schedules and equipment, adverse road or river conditions, poor or miscommunications, appropriation of hotel space, inexperienced employees, tribal, and labor disputes do occur.
As it is possible there will be occasional inconveniences on ANY trip to New Guinea, travel there is not recommended for those who are provoked by any such conditions. Papua New Guinea is a special adventure and part of the fascination of this trip is that the country is unspoiled by mass tourism. Although there is no fancy brochure with exciting colorful photographs for these trips, one may be assured that these are among the best trips for the price, or any price. As an experienced astute traveler, you can compare these trips. The tour conditions are additionally explicit in hopes of gathering particularly congenial clients. Tourists must be prepared for acceptance of conditions and services for what they are, being a good-natured realist if and when there are unexpected occurrences. It will be years before tourism in P.N.G. operates with the sophisticated perfection of well-traveled tourist areas. When this does occur, P.N.G. will have lost a large part of its excitement. This trip is not for worriers, complainers or the litigious.
It is a thrill to travel in one of the last inhabited lands to be affected by modern civilization and in these itineraries one will truly experience a feeling for the land and its people. For those who don’t usually take packaged trips, these itineraries provide access to places and peoples an independent traveler is not likely to see. The group is small, and the clients will have unique, informed interaction with the local culture often not available in “independent” travel. These festival excursions are enhanced with a small group led by an experienced, caring P.N.G. escort. Your involvement with P.N.G. nationals will help make the trip different than most found in the “travel business.”
Those who contact us for information regarding Papua New Guinea are unusually discerning and well traveled. We look forward to your having a very good trip and trust that you will join the ranks of previous clients who say these special excursions are among the most memorable of a lifetime. Welcome to this special Highlands Festival excursion. We will do all possible to make your adventure memorable.