Dear Traveler,

In July of 1978, I first landed in Papua New Guinea and knew from the perspective of having visited some fifty plus countries that this place was very special. Since then, after almost annual trips to P.N.G. and after almost daily contact with the country, I still believe it is an incredible destination and the many clients we have sent there agree and are willing to be contacted as references.

“Papua New Guinea you think – what makes it so special?” The people, the unspoiled beauty of the land; it is a National Geographic adventure, but with civilized comforts. Should you be able to travel in May or August for the Highlands Show, I strongly suggest you do. Though I have seen many Highlands Shows, I am still moved and excited by the color and thrill of this spectacle that nearly overloads the senses. It is surely one of the world’s great travel wonders.
I have been organizing these trips for over 30 years. No one has our experience, expertise, or track record in this fascinating, but complicated destination. No one else compares with the Papua New Guinea expertise and service that I provide. With continued contact and familiarity from over thirty years, we have contacts in the country that can considerably enhance your PNG travel experience.

If you are interested in such color and adventure in a spectacular countryside, people, and culture, yet desire as much comfort and assurance of fine arrangements as possible, these trips are for you. The terms and conditions of our brochures and booking form are also clearly stated to continue our tradition of providing full information for happier clients. What we lack in fancy brochures is invested in the substance of a good trip, timely, updated information and expertise and service.
The staff of and I will provide you with the most informed, best service on Papua New Guinea — period. We’re specialists in Papua New Guinea. Review the information provided and join us aboard one of the travel wonders of a lifetime.”